Saturday 28 February 2015

Park Run number 10

I'm really pleased to have made it to double figures for the number of Park Runs that I have now completed. Last week I celebrated my tenth Park Run and really pushed harder this week than I had before. The Park Run course at Lanhydrock is an interesting course, the first third of the course is a downhill race through the trees hurtling towards the river. The second third is a fairly flat trundle alongside the river but then comes the last section with the majority being an uphill slog.

I'm still yet to get the whole way around the course running the whole circuit but each week I try to run up those hills a little bit further before giving up and struggling for breath each week. Last week, run number ten was no different I pushed my body further and tried to get around the course without walking but the section of squishy sucky slidey uphill mud had better ideas and before reaching the peak of the hill I was walking and wheezing.

Although I tried to get a quicker time for my tenth run at Lanhydrock it wasn't going to happen and now I can't wait for the next one to see if I can go any quicker. It's slightly addictive but there are definitely worse things to be addicted to in life than running!
Park Run Lanhydrock completion times

Park Run number 11 for me, i've decided to give my time back to the event and i'm doing my first stint of volunteering at the run. The whole of Park Run is only possible due to volunteers so every ten runs I would like to volunteer and thank those volunteers for my first ten runs and getting me back into running after many years away from the sport.

Lets see if Park Run 12 holds a new personal best? I'm crossing my fingers for rock hard frozen ground light winds and no rain to be on my side to help me along after I'll miss running a week but i'm not sure we will be getting any freezing weather in March.

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