Sunday 1 March 2015

Carrott cake with cream cheese frosting

It's the weekend and that means down goes my office working full time hat and on goes the "i'm the next contestant of the great British bake off hat....." Ok so maybe I have more chance in featuring in the comic relief versions than the real deal but none the less it is the weekend and I am happy in my little world of baking.

During the week I had gone to the shop to buy an array of fresh fruit and veg but hadn't checked what was already at home and was surprised to find I now had two big bags of carrots. This wasn't going to be a problem as decided this was the perfect excuse to make a carrot cake.

Having a quick hunt around on the internet I found a recipe from Paul Hollywood for an ultimate carrot cake and set to work creating this masterpiece. I've got to say the recipe is really easy and is nothing more than a case of throw in all the ingredients mix and bake. However I did use large eggs rather than medium and thought that the mix was a bit wet when it went in the oven and this proved correct during the baking. The cake was supposed to take around 60 minutes to bake however when taking it out the oven an stabbing the cake with a skewer the cake was still very wet inside/raw. After 90 minutes the cake was done and surprisingly moist still. In the recipe the cake was decorated with cream cheese frosting just on the top but i decided to cut the cake open and sandwich the cream cheese in the middle as well.
Home made carrot cake

The cake is delicious and even with all that additional baking was not dry at all. The only thing I would do differently next time is cut up the walnuts within the cake slightly smaller as several of them had sunk to the bottom. Now the recipe uses pecan nuts so maybe If I had stuck to the original recipe with the correct ingredients things would turn out like they are supposed to.
Slice of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

carrot cake with cream cheese icing
I'll definitely be making this cake again as it is light and tangy and as it is made with a touch of orange zest and some carrots so it's a healthy cake!!!! 

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