Saturday 14 March 2015

Frosty morning walks in Cornwall and Ruthvoes holy well

Last weekend we thought that Spring was here, or at least arriving! The sun was shining and temperatures reached recorded highs of 17'C but this weekend it's gone back to being a wintry story. 

The sun might be shining and it might be a beautiful morning for a walk but a heavy frost and freezing temperatures make it feel suspiciously like winter.
Here's just a few of my photographs from a recent frosty walk around Indian Queens and Ruthvoes and includes Ruthvoes Holy well. 
Frost on plants

Heavy Frost on plants

Frosty Leaves

Heavy frost on leaves

Ruthvoes Stream

Ruthvoes Stream Cornwall

Frosty morning in Cornwall

Ruthvoes Holy Well Cornwall

Frosty morning in Cornwall

Winter in Corwnwall

Winter scenes in Cornwall

Heavy Frost in Cornwall

Ruthvoes stream in Cornwall

Sunrise over Cornwall

Cornish Holy well - Ruthvoes

Heavy frost in CornwallPublic footpath sign cornwall

Frosty Sunrise

Frosty leaves

beautiful patterns made in a heavy frost in Cornwall

Frost on plants

Frost on leaves in CornwallPlants under a heavy frost

Frost forming on plants

Frosty sunrise looking towards goss moor

Frost patterns on wood

frosty plants

frosty plants in cornwall

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