Sunday 8 March 2015

The little big run Cornwall

Last week I took part in my first organised run in probably 15 year! When I was at school I was a keen runner, I competed for my school and for Chelmsford Athletics Club and my events were the 800 and 1500 metres as well as cross country. But since leaving school and moving to Cornwall my running shoes have well and truly been hung up. 

All of that changed in early December 2014 when my sister, who is an avid Park Runner came to visit me in Cornwall for a pre Christmas get together. Not wishing to miss a park run my sister arrived in Cornwall with her boyfriend and her running shoes and were insisting that I would love Park Run and it's only 5km and that I should come along. 

Since that first Bodmin Park Run just over three months ago where I had to walk over half the route I've clocked up running just over 70 miles! and last weekend was one of my longest distances yet and my first race. 

On Sunday the 1st of March I headed over to Wadebridge and met up with two friends and took part in the 'Little' Big Run Cornwall. The day consisted of three races a 5.5 mile little race, an 11 mile serious race and then the 17 mile super serious race. All three routes were following the camel trail to Padstow. I've cycled the wadebridge to Padstow route many times but never had I run the route. 
The big run Cornwall 2015
15 minutes before the race began we were taking part in a rather energetic warm up, which was just as well as the temperature in the morning was pretty cold. Once warmed up and ready to go all the runners moved over to the entrance to the camel trail to start the 5.5 mile race.
Warming up at The big run Cornwall 2015

Warming up in Wadebridge at The big run Cornwall 2015

Wadebridge at The big run Cornwall 2015
We all started off fairly slowly as the crowd of runners funnelled through the narrow camel trail but as people started to settle into their own pace the runners thinned out. By the time we were passing under the A39 road bridge the run was under full swing. 

Putting my headphones in it was time to zone into my run and enjoy the scenery of the route. Having cycled the route many times before I knew what to expect and knew that the route was pretty flat so could run at a faster pace than I had run my previous Park Run attempts. 

Getting across the finish line I received a time of 46 minutes which is my fastest pace run yet, as it was a run completely on the flat I can't get too over excited by this pace, but as the wind was fierce during the run I'm really pleased with my time and can't wait for my next official run.
Mandi Brooks The big run Cornwall 2015

The camel trail Wadebridge to Padstow

Reflecting on the run, I did find the route a little boring, the scenery was good, the atmosphere was good but I think due to the nature of the flat course and knowing it so well it was just a little monotonous. I'm not wishing for huge hills but maybe just thinking about the next challenge, I'm not talking doing anything crazy like a tough mudder but maybe there's a 10km in me or a half marathon for me to achieve next.

Thank you to my sister for getting me back into running and massive thank you's to my two girly friends that I ran with last week.

Bring on the next run.

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