Thursday 26 February 2015

Pancake Day 2015

As many of my regular blog readers will know I live a fairly busy life, I have a full time job and add a healthy dose of keeping fit and a sprinkling of hobbies thrown in on top. This results in some events slipping by without notice. However when we were both too busy to celebrate pancake day on Tuesday the 17th of February we were not letting that one pass us by.

In 2014 we missed our traditional British pancake day as were away snowboarding in Bulgaria but did manage to find a place on the mountain that served us their version of pancakes. It might be several days after pancake day but we decided to celebrate in style and go for a double dose of pancakes and have a main course savoury followed by a dessert sweet course of pancakes.

In my traditional style I decided not to use a recipe but to simply throw together whatever I could find in the cupboards, after all isn't that what shrove Tuesday is suppose to be about and using up all the left over ingredients before lent?

With a stack of regular pancakes made it was now time to make them into a meal. With a tin of ratatouille, a tin of hotdog sausages some spinach and cheese I made an enchilada inspired dish using pancakes. Popped it into the oven to heat through and created a really delicious dish.
Pancake day in Cornwall
For seconds it was time to dish out the sweet pancakes and for this decided to cook up a batch of american style pancakes that were fat and fluffy and the complete opposite to the savoury ones. Topped with some homemade apple and cinnamon sauce they made the perfect end to a pancake day even if it was after the main event!

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