Sunday 6 January 2013

It's January NOT Easter!

Walking into my local co-op I was horrified when I saw the massive stand displaying Hot Cross Buns, not to mention the whole isle that's dedicated to Easter eggs. It's not just the stores either, I've already seen the Cadbury's cream egg advert both on TV and online. 

It's January!!!!! Can we please get some normality back into our lives, It's January that means January sales and diets, New Years Resolutions and certainly not thinking about Easter chocolates by the 6th day of the new year. Media and retail are also pushing us speedily and hastily through the year, magazines that i bought yesterday are the March edition. What happened to just enjoying the time we are in and looking forward to things that are coming in the next few weeks and taking each day as it comes. 

Surely by the time we even approach February we will all be sick of the Easter festivities and still no where near the big day. Likewise I get angry when shops put out their Christmas stock out in September. Please let me enjoy the late Indian summer whilst we get some long awaited sunshine and please don't remind me of the gloomy winter ahead. 

I know January can seam a little dull after all the excitement of Christmas but it also gives us a chance to recoup and save, and I certainly will not be buying any Easter related merchandise until at least March.

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