Thursday 10 January 2013

Rapid Weather changes in Cornwall

If anyone was up in the early hours of this morning in Cornwall they would have noticed the most amazing, beautiful sunrise. Currently it is very dark and bleak when my alarm goes off in the morning but after a quick shower the daylight soon starts appearing. This morning was incredible, the house was filled with a pink hue, and when I looked outside the sky was a mixture between pinks, and oranges and tipped with dark night clouds.

As I left the house and drove to work the sun continued to rise, as I approached the A30 junction I looked across towards the clay pits of St Austell and the sun was now beaming from behind these hills.

I always pride myself on having my camera on me or at least my mobile phone so if I can stop and take a picture I will, however whilst on the monotonousness morning commute I not only didn't have time to stop, but there was also know where to stop to capture this beauty. As I continued on my journey west into Cornwall I passed the village of St Newlyn East, and the church. There was what looked like a beam of sunlight breaking through the clouds and shining straight onto the church. The village and fields around were lit by this fantastic orange glow, it was all very peaceful and stunning and i felt so happy to live in Cornwall and see such scenery even o the main duel carriageway on my way to work.

All I could think was that I needed to pull over and take a picture, and then it went. Just like that, with a blink of an eye the beam of light had disappeared  that beautiful orange happy glow coating everything had gone and within a few seconds the rain had started to spot on my windows. The rain got heavier and the sky darker.

I arrive to work in the pouring rain and dark skies and wondered if I had imagined such a beautiful morning.

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