Wednesday 30 January 2013

Litter picking in Cornwall

Yesterday a friend posted a rather touching comment on their Facebook profile. My friend is a first time dog owner and now spends a lot of their time walking their dog on Cornish beaches, He wrote a post about how since being on the beach every day had noticed the sheer amount of litter on the beach.

He does really great things and actually takes some of this litter home with him and disposes of it properly, but wonders how much of this litter is dropped here by previous visitors and why they can't take this litter home themselves.

This got me thinking about the work that Surfers against sewage do and how they work so hard to keep our beaches clean when it's some of us, 'The population' that drop this litter in the first place.

Driving to work this morning on the A30 I noticed a Cornwall council van with several workers litter picking on the side of the road and in the roads lay by's. This angered me so much, not that they are litter picking but the fact that they have to litter pick. I can not understand why people can't take litter home with them, or even utilize rubbish bins in the local town or super market. I often keep a carrier bag in my car for any rubbish and have never thought once in my life to discard litter out of my car window. Also the council have enough to spend their money on without picking up rubbish after people too lazy to dispose of it themselves.

So that's my rant over, I'm lucky enough to live in Cornwall, which is an amazingly beautiful place even the main roads have their pretty scenery. I just wish that everyone would take a little more care over it, and if like my friend notice a discarded drinks can on the beach, pick it up and pop it in a near by bin and help to keep Cornwall beautiful.

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