Wednesday 9 January 2013

Wadebridge Foodbank's fantastic work is highlighted on the BBC

On Monday night, BBC One screened an episode of Inside Out Southwest. This featured the absolutely fantastic work of the Wadebridge Foodbank, and in particular Jacqui White who heads up the team in Wadebridge.

I knew of the work that she does but even I was shocked at just how much she does that we all take for granted, and really made me feel proud of just how hard she and the teams involved work.

You would have seen images on my blog before around the festive period when she was annually involved with the Samaritans purse shoe box appeal. Not to mention the charity ball that she was also involved in setting up last year to raise yet more funds for the charity.

Watching the program on Monday really pulled at the heart strings and made you realize just how lucky some of us are in life but also how much others struggle. It doesn't take much for each of us to donate an extra tin of soup each month or to give away those chocolate biscuits that you know you really shouldn't be buying anyway, as your on a diet.

Next time your in the supermarket look out for a local Foodbank box and give something to help someone else who isn't as fortunate as you and support the work that Foodbanks all over the country do. If you really don't have the money to donate items of food yourself then anyone can donate time to help continue the work that Jacqui and the rest of the Foodbank team do.

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