Monday 11 November 2013

7 Unusual Ways To Improve Your Photography Skills

Welcome to this guest post by  Jose Barrera who is an avid photographer and a blogger. Who likes to share tips on how to improve your photography skills. He is also working for, a website that sells photographic paper rolls and other photography printing needs. Here's Jose 7 most Unusual Ways To Improve Your Photography Skills.

Most people believe that having the ability to take good photographs is a talent; this is where they go wrong. Even though some people do indeed have this ability given to them naturally, a large number of photographers gain their skills through trials and errors
If you are among the group of people who claim to be lousy photographers, here is a list of seven weird ways to improve your photography skills.

1. Deleting old photos

I'm sure you are asking yourself, how deleting old photos that you do not need, will make you a better photographer? This is how. Once you get rid of your old photos, you will develop a need to replace the old photos by taking new ones, and in the process of acquiring new photos you will unknowingly be practicing and you know what they say practice makes perfect.

2. Limit your tools.

When leaving for a photo trip try to limit the tools that you will use occasionally. If you normally use like 6 lens, for example, try to carry 2. The shortage of working tools will force you to innovate ways of getting better photos. Truly, necessity is the mother of all inventions.

3. Switch on your camera white balance

When you take a photo in a dark room, it appears somewhat yellowish while it will appear to be bluish if it is taken in bright places. In order to fix this problem it is advisable to always adjust your cameras white balance so as you can get the best image.

4. Use photo-editing applications.

These applications make it much easier for a photographer to improve on the quality of the picture or photo. These applications make it easy to add some cool features on your photo, remove what you seem to be excess in your photo as well as add what you think would make your image more attractive.

5. Take your lens off

This is a cool camera trick that helps you create a macro lens. For this trick to work perfectly you will need to adhere to the following instructions;
- You first switch the camera to manual mode, as the camera will not take a picture in auto mode.
- The best focal length to use is 50mm for prime and for kit lens; you should use 18-55mm.
- Physically open the aperture with your hand. 

6. Use paper shaped bokeh

All you need to do is to cut a shape of your choice in the middle of black paper then place it in front of your lens to give your photo a beautiful back ground.

7. Take photos from all angles.

It is advisable to move around when taking photos. Feel free to move about, you never know a pose might look bad from one angle but look perfect from another angle.

There will always be new skills to help people improve their photography skills, as the art of photography will always evolve; it is up to you to keep yourself up to date with the trends.

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