Thursday 14 November 2013

Autumn leaves falling from the trees

I feel bad posting this blog post without photos but the reason for this post occurred today whilst i was driving during rush hours so no opportunity to take pictures but I'm hoping to get out with my camera at the weekend and make use of the autumnal colours.

Whilst driving home from work today during my usual rush hour commute through the Perranarworthal valley alongside the river i was following a motorbike and in front of that a lorry. The lorry was creating such a rush of wind as it was passing through the valley it was kicking the leaves up into the air. The motorcyclist behind this lorry was clearly having fun in the flurry of leaves, swaying from side to side of the road and even lifting their arm into the air and trailing their hand through the falling leaves.

It really was a magical experience travelling through the wind tunnel of leaves and really pretty, noticing the tree's with all their warm orange colours and the sun setting casting even more warm tones through the woods I really did wish i could stop and take some pictures.

What's your favourite season for taking photographs?

I'm guilty of missing the opportunities to photograph autumn, in the summer I always have my camera at the beach and in the winter when the frost and snow arrives out comes my camera but this year I really must make the effort to photograph the falling leaves and warm autumnal colours. Fingers crossed I will have some new pictures for my blog next week.

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