Sunday 17 November 2013

Feeling festive in the Photobrook House

Today I have been out and about in Cornwall starting the day with a very cold surf in Newquay. (When I say very cold, The water isn't actually that cold at the moment which is quite nice unfortunately the early morning surf meant the temperature in single figures was particularly cold especially when your standing in the street rather soggy in a bikini and you drop your towel! BRRRR)

As well as an early morning surf I also went for a walk in the woods around Colan and after that headed over to Trelawney garden centre near Wadebridge where they have a massive Christmas department, but the best bit of all, THEY HAVE REINDEER :@) 

And yes I was that excited when I saw them, one minute my partner was talking to me about what size Christmas tree we should buy this year the next minute he has turned around and is talking to himself as I had run off to see the two beautiful reindeer in the corner of their Santa's grotto filled arena. 
Christmas in Cornwall

Even if you don't like garden centres I would highly recommend that you visit Trelawneys as they have everything from gifts, to clothing and even cookware, not to mention there massive Christmas department.. Oh and the garden centre!

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