Sunday 17 November 2013

Autumnal walk in Cornwall

Earlier this week I was mesmerised but the beauty of the leaves falling from the tress and the beams of sunlight through the gaps in the bare branches and the wonderful orange and red colours of autumn that I had to get out this morning with my camera and capture some pictures.

Sadly the sun has decided not to  show it's face today so i'm still yet to capture the amazing beams of light bursting through the trees around Cornwall. But just because of the absence of the sunshine this was not going to stop me going for a walk in the Cornish countryside with my camera.

Starting at Colan church I went for a walk along the country lanes passing several horses, a lot of motorbikes and a fair few dog walkers, here's just a few pictures of my autumnal walk. I'm hoping to get out again when the sun is shining I just hope I manage it before all the leaves have dropped and i'm into winter photography, bare branches and frosty walks.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn photographs Cornwall

Blackberries in CornwallRed Berries in Cornwall

Red berries in Cornwall Autumn flowers in Cornwall

Cornish Country Walk in Autumn

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