Sunday 24 November 2013

Frosty photos and winter surfing

It was only last week that I was photographing the autumn leaves in Cornwall and this weekend i'm out photographing scenes of winter.

Getting up early and heading over to the Gannel in Newquay to watch the sunrise over frosty fields I was not disappointed. After a short chilly walk by the river I then headed over to Fistral beach to check out the surf, even with frost on the sand there were five people already braving the icy temperatures and enjoying the small waves before they disappeared when the swell dropped right off.

After several hours of walking and taking photographs it was then my turn to get in the water, meeting a friend we got suited and booted in our finest winter gear and managed a full 2 hours in the water. Surrounded by lots of other surfers and with the sun shining it was easy to think that it was the middle of summer and not just a few weeks to christmas... well it was like summer if you ignore the temperature in single figures!

The river Gannel Newquay

Morning at the river Gannel Newquay

Boats on the river Gannel Newquay

Sunrise over the river Gannel Newquay

Early morning sunrise in Newquay, the river Gannel

Newquay photography Photos of Newquay

River Gannel River in Newquay

Photographs of frost on plants Early morning frost

Frost on plants

Frosty leaves

Leaves covered in frost

Surf in Newquay

Surf in Newquay

Surfers at Newquay Fistral beach in winter

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