Friday 8 November 2013

Tips on becoming a professional wedding photographer

Tips on becoming a professional wedding photographer
If you’re into snapping pictures, then getting involved with the wedding photography business can be a great way to earn money from your passion.
But, in a trade that’s highly competitive, the need to edge your way into the forefront of the crowd is essential, and, if you want to be trusted with some of the happiest memories of a couple’s life together, you’ll have to prove your worth.
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Get a photography degree
There’s little better way to vouch for your photographic knowledge than with a degree under your belt. The chance to study your art will give you a much better foothold in the realms of lighting, lenses, effects and focuses that will allow you to give a happy couple the wedding photos they deserve.
Not only this, but a photography degree will broaden the range of your visualskills to such an extent that you could potentially break into a number of realms in the visual medium, from nature photography to advertorial stills.
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Work your way up
Working in such a competitive industry, it’s not unknown to have to do a few freebies before anyone will actually pay you for your work. Even with a degree, a client still wants to know that you can deliver the goods come their special day.
Try building up a varied portfolio of previous shoots before demanding pay.

Figure out an effective rate of pay
Once you've built up enough experience for a bride and groom to actually have confidence in paying you, the need to finally be able to cover your costs will be pressing.
Don’t just factor in the travel, food and time labour for the wedding day; also consider the time it will take to develop your photos and the cost of materials in the development process albums take time and money to create.
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Don’t leave your guests waiting
One of the worst things you can be at a wedding is disorganised. Bear in mind that you’re at the happiest day of two people’s lives, which, chances are, has been meticulously set out like clockwork by a wedding planner, and no one will want to be kept waiting around as you fumble with your lenses.
Set aside specifictime for all the photos, and arrange this in advance with the bride and groom. Also, try to take posed photos of the couple at a time that isn't the day of the wedding, as this can be a time-consuming process that will inevitably disrupt the festivities.
As well as this, try not to schedule the group photographs after everyone has been drinking for a while. The last thing that people want from their photo album is a snap of Uncle Pete with his arm around the bride because he’s struggling to stand.

Get the right kit and know it inside-out
Knowing your lenses from your filters and your SLRs from your DSLRs is a must in the photography business.
Being able to exude confidence in your knowledge of lighting, framing and equipment will make a far greater impression on your potential employer than someone who simply seems like a keen amateur.

And, if you can purchase the right kit to match your confidence, you can ensure great photos, allowing you to build up an even wider folio and give a couple the happy memories they desire. 

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